Libby Love

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About Libby Love

A lover and life long student of dance, acrobatics, piano and musicianship, Libby teaches classes infused with her life’s experience.  For her, the body is a vehicle through which we  may discover our existence and purpose.

The yoga practice refines our ability to use the tools  available – our senses – to know our divine selves.  As Agnes DeMille so beautifully articulated, “The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie.“

A practitioner since 2003, libby received her certification as a Jivamukti teacher from Sharon Gannon and David life in 2007, and has since been teaching in the United States and Europe.

In her classes, she caters to the possibilities of each student with a focus on alignment and flow. Her intent is for the students to work with their breath and intuition, focusing inner strength in order to direct what the physical body can achieve.

She believes that the goal of yoga is to find the connectedness of the individual to all beings, and that, in so doing, one can realise strength and confidence through the practice and peace and happiness in life.

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