Claudia Ungureanu

Teezeremonie & Kinder-Kreativwerkstatt

Das bietet Dir Claudia Ungureanu am wasserFEST

  • 1 x CLOSING CIRCLE FÜR KIDS, Menschenkreis | Circle
  • 2 x KREATIVWERKSTATT MIT CLAUDIA, Upcycling, Kreativwerkstatt und Autarkie | Workshop
  • 1 x OPENING CIRCLE FÜR KIDS, Menschenkreis | Circle
  • 2 x TEA CEREMONY & SOUNDHEALING, Zeremonie | Zeremonie

Trusting my gifts and my creative power

The last years have been a deep journey for me, walking the path of trusting my gifts and my creative power. After finishing studies in decorative arts and design, I have decided to travel and meet teachers. 

So, in 2018 I went to Portugal with the vision of learning more about ceramic art. Through a “coincidence“ that still humbles me, I have met one of my teachers, a beautiful ceramist woman and her work rooted in nature inspiration felt like an answering to my searching. 

A reminder of life‘s harmony and beauty

The Earth calls upon me since and the dance of the Elements is forever a reminder of life‘s harmony and beauty. 

Since 2018, my journey with clay and nature went deeper and deeper and unfolded many other paths. At the moment, the uniqueness of the ceramic tea bowls loured me into a new journey – tea ceremonies. Its ancient wisdom teaches me further, as I feel trustful into this Universe, as Tea and Clay show me the way to be.

wasserFEST 2022