Andrija Brajkovic

Yoga & Meditation

Das bietet Dir Andrija Brajkovic am wasserFEST

  • 4 x PRANAYAMA & CHAKRA BALANCING SESSION, Breathwork | Klasse / Practice
  • 3 x SHAMANIC SOUND JOURNEY, Zeremonie | Zeremonie

We are each other's medicine and our own best healer

Grounded in the spiritual traditions of two great mountain ranges, the Andean and Himalayan, Andrija is equally at home leading a shamanic ceremony or guided pranayama meditation.

Building upon oral traditions focused on the healing power of sound and single-pointed intention, he engages with the Master plant teachers of Amazonian herbalism like Noya Rao and Tobacco, the wisdom of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism as well as the methods of the Kriya Jyoti Vama Marg Tantric tradition.

Following the principle ''we are each other's medicine and our own best healer'' his ceremonies and meditations provide the space to allow deep connection to the core of our being where by remembering ourselves we can align and integrate our numerous layers of consciousness.

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