Jonathan Rivas

Yin und Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation & Thai Massage

Das bieten Dir Jonathan Rivas am wasserFEST

  • 2 x THAI MASSAGE WORKSHOP, Massage Workshop | Workshop
  • 3 x THERAVADA WALKING MEDITATION AT SUNRISE, Meditation | Klasse / Practice
  • 2 x VINYASA YOGA, Yoga | Klasse / Practice
  • 2 x YIN YOGA, Yoga | Klasse / Practice

Be in contact with your heart

A free spirit, Jonathan is passionate about experimenting with all wonders of life. He wishes to plant the seed of yoga for personal growth and well being for all yoga students.

After discovering yoga while living in Germany, Jonathan embarked himself on a journey to India, where he spent more than three years discovering the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation and pranayama.

In his classes he creates a well balanced practice and a positive and rejuvenating energy for all students.

He hopes this will allow them to be in contact with their heart, the center of their intelligence. By nurturing his own practice with self-love, self-respect and self-trust, he wishes to provide the correct guidance for each individuals practice.

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