Graham Brown

Das bieten Dir Graham Brown am wasserFEST

Follow the wisdom arising in my own heart

I am Graham Brown, I come from Scotland. I am 66 years old. When I was 12 with no external teacher or support I began meditation, yoga and pranayama.

33 years ago, when I was ready to go anywhere in the world to sit at the feet of one who knew, it became clear that this lifetime I was to follow the wisdom arising in my own heart. At that time this was not good news.

Shortly after this realisation a physical structure, which I subsequently named the Reciprocal Frame, revealed itself in my awareness both as a roof structure and an architectural mandala.

In its wisdom form it expresses the relationship of form to formless awareness and therefore provides a visual understanding of the architecture of a peaceful mind. For 33 years I have followed that wisdom and worked the practices it offered and followed the path it revealed.

Some 6 years ago the fruit of that practice ripened in me. Peace and silence now reside where there was none.

Invitation to undertake a journey of re-connection to silent formless awareness

Peacebuildings is a project designed to transfer that wisdom and offer an invitation to undertake a journey of re-connection to silent formless awareness. A Journey of no Distance.

The re-connection to interconnected silent awareness is the foundation for a world where we have the strength and wisdom to move beyond actions promoting division and personal or group survival, to ones supporting peace, sustainability and mutual well being.

We are the problem We are the solution.

I have spent a life falling into bear traps and having to unearth the source of my foolishness in order to make my way out.It is my pleasure to offer the fruit of that experience and a vision of a future where we all play our part in the collective well being of our planet at the wasserFEST.

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